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Young bi curious man looking pensive.  What Is Bi Curious?

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Bi Curious is an interesting–I’m tempted to say, “curious”–term.  (I’m not bi curious, so I hope that some of you who are will write a piece for our site to inform us!)

It seems the popular use of the term increased with the growing popularity of “metro-sexual” a few years ago.  Metro-sexual introduced a notion that straight men don’t have to be restricted by stereotypes.  They can even look as good as gay men, although that one’s a little hard for me to believe!  (Just kidding you, bi curious guys.)

I suppose the definition of bi-curious depends in part upon what the guy is curious about.  I’ve had a few straight friends who told me they were curious.

One guy said that he had this suppressed desire to “feel what my girlfriend feels.”  He was curious about what his girlfriend experienced when she gave him a blow job.  He was curious about what his girlfriend felt when he had intercourse with her.  He said he was not at all curious about what it felt like to kiss a guy on the lips.  

He prided himself on being an expert at providing oral sex for women.  He admitted that he wondered if he would have the same skill when applied to men.

Yet, he’s really not at all attracted to guys as guys.  We’ve known each other for years and have always been completely open with each other, so I’m sure he was being honest with me.  He is not bisexual, and he is certainly not gay.  He truly is just plain curious, although I’m sure some of the gay readers of this are going to doubt my claim–and his.  He says maybe someday, he might act on that curiosity once or twice.

A married, straight woman friend told me once that she was curious about how it would feel to be in the arms of another woman.  She assumed that women would be more tender, feel less urgency.  She said she actually tried one time to work up some attraction for other women so she could test her theory.  She failed.  Since she is sure she will never act on her subtle curiosity, I don’t think I would classify her as bi curious.  And neither does she.

I suspect for some bi curious men, their curiosity stems from a belief that men can give better blow jobs than women, because men inherently know what feels good!  Yet, I’ve found in my online “research” that bi curious men are often more curious about giving oral sex and receiving anal sex.  I guess that sort of contradicts this theory of mine.

I really do hope that some bi curious men who find their way to this site will describe it for us.  I’m bi-curious-curious!

Greg, Wisconsin


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