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Review Of 20 Centimeters

The title comes from a part of the body that lead character, Marieta wants to lose–surgically.  Her impressive penis is the bane of her existence and is the barrier between her and her goal to live fully as a woman.

Adding remarkable interest to her quest are her frequent, unexpected musical dreams (she suffers from narcolepsy).  The dreams mark a distinct contrast to her rather drab life.  To exagerate the difference, these dreams are filled with lavish, primary colors as vivid as could be reproduced on screen. 

Salazar molds Marieta into a thoroughly intriguing character.  She is kind, giving and committed to her goal.  Her romantic ambitions are complicated when her gorgeous lover turns out to be most fond of the penis that she so despises.  The dilemma is both humorous and heart wrenching, paralleling part of the struggle that many transexuals face.  However, the film tackles the sensitive problem with respect and understatement.  

Trailer is below.

20 Centimeters dvd cover 

Genre: Gay themed and trans themed drama

Director: Ramon Salazar

Language: English sub-titles

Availability:  DVD

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ***

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20 Centimeters Trailer






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