Gay Men /public_html/ /public_html/ Poll Results – Age Of First Gay Sex Nearly half of all respondents had their first sexual experience at age 14 or below. A clear majority of respondents have had a sexual experience with another guy by the time they finished high school. Relatively few guys have their first same-sex sexual awakening during the middle age crisis years or beyond. /public_html/ /public_html/ Shortbus Shortbus deserves the widest possible audience, but that will be difficult to achieve. Examining the symbiotic relationships among sex, self-discovery, self-expression and connecting on a deep level with other human beings, this sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and always emotionally engaging film demonstrates the cinematic mastery of John Cameron Mitchell. /public_html/ /public_html/ Querelle Action is choreographed and coincides brilliantly with camera presence to reveal the tapestries of theme that parallel the plot. Often the film seems more like an illustrated story book that is being read aloud by some deranged uncle. /public_html/ /public_html/ 20 Centimeters The title comes from a part of the body that lead character, Marieta wants to lose–surgically. Her impressive penis is the bane of her existence and is the barrier between her and her goal to live fully as a woman. /public_html/ /public_html/ Transamerica The films title takes on two meanings as these two characters, one of whom is a trans take a journey across the continent (i.e., transAmerica) as they learn about each others. The film combines the conventions of travel, long absent father, befuddled parents and longing for ones true identity and combines them with respect and cinematic care. /public_html/ /public_html/ Ciao Ciao is a nice, little romantic piece that doesn’t wrap it all up at the end, leaving just a little room for viewer interpretation and speculation. This is not a film that will raise any big questions for further thought, but it is a movie that is life affirming for all LGBT people. /public_html/ /public_html/ The Laramie Project The Laramie Project was first created for the stage, but Moises Kaufman has done a superb job of adapting it to the cinematic medium. It is remarkable in both concept and execution. A team of interviewers descended upon Laramie, Wyoming following the Matthew Shephard murder to interview a couple hundred townspeople about their own reactions to the incident and its thunderous aftermath. /public_html/ /public_html/ Be Mine This movie (Be Mine) is a waste of time to watch or to read about. Use your time more wisely by taking a walk with your dog or your special someone. /public_html/ /public_html/ Three Dancing Slaves While Three Dancing Slaves has some fascinating vignettes, I can’t identify a theme that ties them together. We get a glimpse into the rather turbulent lives of a widowed father and, mostly, his three young adult sons. /public_html/ /public_html/ The DL Chronicles As with any anthology, the quality of these four character studies varies. Anyone familiar with the term “on the DL” or “on the down low” will already know, the subjects of these short films (TV episodes) are African-American men who lead bisexual lives with the homosexual part of their lives kept in the closet. /public_html/