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Adam Lambert Coming Out

Adam Lambert had already become something of a gay icon if not necessarily a role model.  His decision to officially come out as a gay man surprised nobody.  Despite the lack of surprise, his coming out as lgbt did generate an immense amount of news coverage.

On a 20/20 special that aired June 12, 2009, Adam Lambert addresses the speculation surrounding his sexual orientation. He talks about his coming out in Rolling Stone Magazine. He states that he is Gay and he is completely proud and comfortable with himself and conveys how he was always “Out” and he just avoided the issue while on American idol. He also states that he is somewhat “Bi-Curious”. The interview also covers Adams early life and how he came out to his mom.


  1. He’s a great performer…everything else…Who the hell cares about it??

  2. dang i want adams mom! i wish MY mom would be cool about my sexual orientation, but i know for a fact that she hates gays, so i have to keep it a secret from her. my sister found out and is cool with it because she’s always known, but BOTH my parents are homophobes. :’(

  3. MyXxXBrOkEnXxXDrEaMs

    @japtakashi Agreed…O.O

  4. hes gay…hes sexy…hes a great performer…..its that simple!!

  5. who really cares if hes gay hes still the best hes awsome

  6. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. The way the interviewer said “Are you bi-curious?” was fucking creepy.

  8. icu cassidy!

  9. is that mustache fake?

  10. wat a fucking queer

  11. he may be gay as hell but he is sexy as hell too. :-) i love him. and his voice is ah-mazing. :-)

  12. so what if he’s gay? he’s a really good performer so he shouldnt lose any fans because of that

  13. Too Bad :( he’s HOT!
    But, I am still A HUGE FAN OF HIM!
    & that’s what true fans do, they don’t care if the whole world hates you, or if you’re an one-eyed-monster !

  14. who really cares if he is gay he is talented if he is gay it is his bisiness he is hot and talented

  15. You Go Adam!!!!! Love you, could care less who you sleep with!!!!!
    Your a hunk!!!

  16. I don’t mind him being gay…I think gay guys are sometimes more attractive then straight. Don’t like IGNORE! Gay is not bad.

  17. im not saying this as an insult but i think he is bisexuall i mean he did he say he makes out with girls and evrething but who cares its his on choice i mean gay o rnot this isent our choice i mean i like him not in a gay way but i do love his style

  18. His sexuality means nothing to me. He has a fantastic sense of humor and personality and seems to be an all around great person. I love Adam, and his pipes are something to talk about, more so than his sexuality is.

  19. Oh goodness, I love that he’s gay. It lets my imagination run wild~! Adam Lambert is my fantasy~~~! I LOVE THE MEN WHO LOVE THE MEN!!!!! He is a sex god. I envy his boyfriend. ENTERTAIN ME, ADAM!

  20. I bet he likes fishsticks in his mouth

  21. @78moneymaka78. Go screw yourself and get a life.
    Live Adam lambert way more than I did before after watching this one video.

  22. XOTemporaryWoundsOX

    Well this has just made me fall in love with him even more…

  23. he’s like the sexiest gay dude ive ever seen

  24. FUCK FAGGOTS! especially talentless faggots who make today’s bullshit music! rock my ass! his music has at least 70% pop in it!

  25. I don’t care if he’s gay he’s so sexy <:’DDDD







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