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Teenager – Am I Gay?

We address the overall question of “Am I gay,” elsewhere. Here we focus specifically upon adolescents.

More than any other age group, adolescents (teenagers) want reassurance about their sexual orientation. With the newly acquired emotions brought on by raging hormones, teens feel a great urgency in determining all aspects of their self-identity.

Teens And Sexual Arousal

Particularly teenaged boys are sexually aroused easily. Remembering that arousal is a relatively new phenomenon in their lives, we need to recognize that easy arousal is especially confusing. Lot’s of people and situations that would not arouse sexual thoughts in them later in life may well stimulate pure lust in young adolescents.

Same-Sex and Opposite Sex Experimentation Among Teenagers

Many teens engage in sexual experimentation during this phase. This experimentation is not done so much in the interest of scientific inquiry as it is to satisfy basic urges as quickly as possible. The sex of the person who provides the sexual satisfaction is often not as important as the availability and willingness of the partner.

Sexual Identity Confusion In Adolescence

Some teenagers assume that the sex of their partner in their first (or first few) experiences is an indication of their sexual orientation. That is not necessarily the case. (Of course, some teens do in fact know their sexual identity almost immediately upon hitting puberty.)

Furthermore, adolescence is a period during which one is just beginning to learn techniques of self-control. The full set of inhibitions that most adults have is still under construction in a 13 year old (or 18 year old) male.

Who Are Those Teens Who Wonder If They Are Gay

Some who ask, “Am I gay?” during their teenage years just want reassurance that one incident with another boy or a dream that included homosexual acts does not indicate that they are gay. Social discrimination against people of minority sexual identities scares them, and they want someone to tell them what they already suspect to be the case–that they are straight.

Others who ask know that they are gay, but they are reluctant to accept their identity because society, parents or their homophobic church tell them that being gay means being inferior.

Still others are genuinely confused and will have to wait until they have more information about themselves and a deeper understanding of their sexuality before they know who they are–and to whom they are attracted–sexually.

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Examples Of Teens’ Questions

H A writes:

Am i gay, straight or bi by doin this?? and will girls be put off me?

ok im male 17 years old
so me and ma mate always been sexually attracted to each other and last night i tried to give him head and did it for about 20 seconds and stopped, and i hated it i found it disgusting, i didnt make him *** obv so does this mean im bi or gay coz i did this??
plus it still kinda turns me on abit but i would never do that again 🙁
and will this put women off me if they knew??
please truthful answers
thanks 🙂
Mike asks:

Am I Gay? Please I’m so confused..?

Im an 18 year old male. Ok well I met this guy last year, i remember that i used to get a weird feeling when i used to be around him. I still do though, almost like a butterfly in your stomach feeling but also felt happy. We became very good friends, we still are. Ok well I have a GF and were doing good. This guy is actually in our circle of friends so i see him and my GF a lot. I have feelings for this girl, but idk because sometimes I question if its real, like when we kiss, or makeout, i dont feel anything honestly. I have also had thought of me making oout with this guy, and can picture it as being mice with like no disgust idk whyyy. im so confused.

Tests Mow wonders:

Am i gay????????????????

hey im 15
i want to know if im gay

heres the thing

ive kissed 3 boys on the lips(the real kiss,not mere lip contact)
ive touched, pressed ,liked ,sucked and played with all of their penises.
ive even masturbated one of them…
but i love girls,i all ways think about ******* girls,not only me even my other patners…
we always talk about how a perticular girl looks and make up stories abot we ******* them…

we want to marry a girl and spend our life with them rather than with each other….
we like each other sexually because we like sex,not boys….

so are we actually homosexual?









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