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Review Of Bedrooms And Hallways

Bedrooms and Hallways combines the superb writing with solid (sometimes over the top, sometimes subdued) performances that I have come to expect from any movie to which BBC Films lends its name.

Our protagonist is a fairly typical, frustrated with love, just short of middle-age gay man.  He is remarkably believable and lovable for a man who has apparently found such difficulty in finding a lasting romance.  A middle aged new age couple and his stereotypical gay roommate provide perfect counterpoints to his middle of the road existence.  Throw in a hunky, straight foil, and we have the perfect mix for an evening of plausible angst and self-examination.

Ultimately, though, this film is less about the tribulations of lasting love than it is about the fluidity of sexual identity and passion.  An absolutely hetersexual or an completely homosexual individual will have difficulty understanding the struggles or the resolution of the finely crafted characters.  For the rest of us, the struggle may seem familiar and poignant.

bedrooms and hallways dvd

Genre: Gay themed comedy/romance

Director: Rose Troche

Language: English

Availability: DVD and streaming

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ****

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