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Bicurious: Responses from Readers

Editor’s comment: We have occasionally edited these so this site remains friendly to younger readers and their parents.  Please use our form at this link to share your true story, regardless of whether you are gay, bisexual, bicurious or even straight.


im married and love women. however,I have recently wanted to sleep with another man. why? I want to offer myself to a man the way I would want a woman to give herself to me-to open my legs and to and pleasure a man and watch him enjoy himself. I also think male to male lovemaking would be minus the drama and pretense that comes with male/female coupling.
I shall keep you posted when I lose my virginity 🙂



I liked your article on the 99.gay-men.us webpage and wanted to respond. I’m married, 41, bi curious by my own description, and I wanted to respond to your website article. I loved all the bi and bi curious related articles! There are a lot of us married dudes who consider ourselves str8 but are a bit curious. I’ve talked to many online and there does seem to be a common theme amongst us. I think most of us guys agree that only a man can understand 100% what another man if feeling or thinking when it comes to sex. Some women are pretty good at it, but men seem to truly understand. So it’s often fun to chat and share with other men who think alike. I’ve found many an online friend to share this topic.


I’ve never had any same-sex experiences as of yet, but I’ve come close while swinging with my wife a few years back. I went down on my wife immediately after our friend came in her, and I found it to be highly erotic! I really liked it a lot, and had fantasized about it for years before it happened. I had shared this desire with my wife ahead of time, so it wasn’t a surprise to her. She actually offered me the opportunity to finish her off after our friend finished in her. I was in heaven! She knew it!
I wanted to chime in so other dudes know it’s all cool and that other str8/married/whatever dudes are cool with openly exploring in fantasy and sometimes in real.
Hope this encourages other dudes to open up their minds and get beyond the sexual stereotypes and really explore what they desire. In my teens and 20’s I was so worried about my sexuality because I had so little experience with women, then in my 30’s I opened up after several years of marriage and confidence. Hope other dudes do the same. I’m age 41 now, and I’m really open-minded! Amazing how we evolve sexually!


Please use our form at this link to share your true story, regardless of whether you are gay, bisexual, bicurious or even straight.


Thanks for this site and thanks for the ability to express myself.  I am Bi-curious.  I want to have sex with another man.  I have been on some of the gay and bi sites to try and meet someone.  I have made arrangements to meet other men and sometimes I “chickened out” and stood them up and sometimes I have been stood up.  You know it really made me mad when I was stood up.
As to why am I bi-curious it is this – a mans penis is beautiful!!!  I want it inside me. When looking at straight porn sites I find myself wanting to be the woman on her knees pleasing a man.  For me oral is the thing.  I want to take a mans penis in my mouth.  I am not really interested in having oral performed on me.  I know I would come on my own if I was to swallow another mans sperm.  I fantisise about having another man try to make a “baby” inside me.  Anal does not really excite me, but if “my man” wanted it, my bottom would be all his.
It really is having the man “inside” me that turns me on.  Its his seed in me.  It is also the very exciting feeling I would have of pleasing a man.  Kissing him and sucking his nipples also appeals to me.  But damn, a mans dick just looks so YUMMY.           


Please use our form at this link to share your true story, regardless of whether you are gay, bisexual, bicurious or even straight. 


Hi There,
I’ve always thought Bi-curious was a term used to describe a heterosexual’s interest in engaging in homosexual activity, and a homosexual’s interest in engaging in heterosexual activity.
I’m a male that loves males.
I identify myself as bisexual because of my sexual desires and wants. Not because of what I actually do. My sexual history is 99% homosexual (Once I french-kissed a girl that wanted to [****] me.) Were I to identify myself by what I have done, that would make  me pretty damn gay, however I don’t and won’t. Sexual identity is about sexual desire not sexual acts. We are not what we eat.
I am “Bi Curious”. There’s no doubt in my mind, none at all.
I love men not women. But I have a very strong desire to fondle, finger, lick, [etc.], tits, pussy and ass at least once just to see what its like. I believe I would like it a lot. Unfortunately I was heavily abused as a child, by my mother, and have no confidence in my ability to love, trust, or engage in an intimate relationship with a woman.  Because I have never done this with a female, I think that makes me “Bi Curious” despite the fact I already identify as bisexual.  (Ironic ain’t it.)
It seems to me that curiosity about other peoples sexual experience is pretty natural. We’re a very curious species.
I hope this is useful to you. Your article seemed to be geared to the heterosexual male, but I couldn’t resist throwing in my 2 cents.
Please use our form at this link to share your true story, regardless of whether you are gay, bisexual, bicurious or even straight. 







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