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Review Of Big Eden

Big Eden is a standout among American made, mature gay films.  It treats its characters and themes with a respect that we have come to expect from gay dramas originating in Canada or, especially, Europe.

The lead character is portrayed exceptionally well by Ayre Gross, who is determined to lead a lonely and unsatisfying life despite having become a respected and successful painter in New York.  However, it is really the small town of Big Eden, Vermont that is the star of this tender film.

Big Eden is the small town to which we all would love to escape.  Its citizens are nosy and intrusive but only in the most kind-hearted of ways, and it is their charm that colors this film for adult minds.

The cinematography captures Vermont’s beauty without letting it distract from the people that are the core of any location that has meaning on a human level.  Indeed, the tranquil setting serves to make the generosity of the townspeople more believable. 

My finger hovered above that asterisk key for a long time before settling for four instead of five stars.  I suspect that on other days I would just have confidently awarded the fifth star.  See Big Eden at least once!

(Note: Young viewers may want to wait until they have a few more years of experience before taking the plunge.  This movie never enters a sparkling club with toned bodies gyrating.)

big eden DVD

Genre: Gay themed drama

Director: Thomas Bazucha

Language: English

Availability: DVD and streaming

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ****

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