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Bisexual:  Response from Readers

Editor’s comment: We may occasionally edit these so this site remains friendly to younger readers and their parents.  Please use our form at this link to share your true story, regardless of whether you are gay, bisexual, bicurious or even straight.




Hey, thanks for the site.  There’s not a lot of stuff on the internet about real bisexuality except for porn.  And usually even that is two women or two women and a guy.

I’ve been in short relationships with both men and women.  All together I’ve been with two men and three women, all at different times, of course.  I’ve always been happy in every relationship, and I never cheated. 

My longest one lasted over two years in high school, then she graduated and went to college.  After that I got together with a guy–the quarterback, if you can believe it.  (I just played on the tennis team.)  We stayed together until the summer after we graduated, then we both went to college. 

In college I had a boyfriend for a semester, then he flunked out and I started dating a girl.  We just stayed together for about a month, then she started going out with some fraternity guy (she was in a sorority).

I graduated from college two years ago.  For the past six months I’ve been seeing another female.  She’s the only girl I ever told that I’m bisexual.  She says she’s okay with it, but she always has a lot of questions if I go out with my guy friends.  I have to tell her who all was there, what we did, how long we were out, who left first and stuff.  I can tell she’s suspicious.  But I guess she would probably be that way if I went out with a group of females from work, too.















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