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Review of The Bubble 

This truly powerful gay film stands apart from most others.  Unlike many films seeking a gay and gay friendly audience, The Bubble takes on much more than the issue of coming out (or coming of age).  Instead it dares to look at the explosive (literally and figuratively) issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The conflict is examined through a short period in the lives of a group of friends and particularly through a story of love between two men.  Borrowing from Shakespeare, the men and their love are mature beyond their years and destined for tragedy just as were Romeo and Juliet. 

The title refers to the setting, Tel Aviv, which is portrayed as a bubble of tolerance amid a sea of mistrust and dogma.  The bubble is burst by a series of events that is at once inevitable and tragically preventable.

You will be hard pressed to find a more honest portrayal of love or of the political turmoil that haunts the region.  I highly recommend this beautiful film.

the bubble DVD

Genre: Gay themed drama

Director: Eytan Fox

Language: English sub-titles

Availability: DVD and streaming

99Gay-Men.us Rating: *****

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