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A Reader’s View of Coming Out to Parents

How To Come Out To Your Parents If You Are Gay

Being honest with people about your sexuality is called coming out. For many gay people, particularly if they are in their teenage years or early twenties, this can be a very worrying time, especially when it comes to telling your parents.

Whilst it may seem the right thing to do however, it is often better that you do not tell your parents first of all. Many people find it easier of they start by telling someone who is very close to them; perhaps a brother or sister or another family member.

Not only will this help you to gauge how your parents are likely to react, but they can also provide you with support and advice for when the time comes.

It is also important to understand that, in most likelihood, your parents will be shocked. Try and prepare for this, and have your answers and reasoning practiced. Most parents are understanding; they are people just like you and will, whether it is over a long time or not, accept and support your decision.

The most important choice you will probably have to make is exactly when and where you choose to drop this bombshell. For example, choosing your granny’s 90th is not recommended. Try and select a time when it is just the two or three of you.

It is also a good idea to try and drop some clues in the lead up to your announcement; to almost make them reach the conclusion for themselves. Indeed, they may surprise you and come to you with a welcoming embrace.

It is always best to be honest, but if you really feel your parents will freak, it may of course be the best decision to not tell them.

Telling your parents you are gay should be an experience as individual as you are, so make sure it is something you are comfortable with and happy to do.









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