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Gay First Date Topics For Conversation

First dates are a time to weed out the psychos and discover the hidden gems. Humorous though the line may sound, it’s true! The first date gives you each an opportunity to get to know one another without any pressure, so you should use this opportunity wisely.

Once the chitchat is over with, you two have an opportunity to ask and answer questions, and see if you are compatible in major beliefs and lifestyle practices. Resist the temptation to exaggerate or try to make yourself seem more impressive, however. If you tell the other person a false story about yourself, it will come out later. Tell the truth and you’ll win people over easily.

Try to ask and answer questions that are thoughtful and can provoke discussion. A simple “yes” or “no” will rarely lead to an interesting conversation, but on the other hand, make sure to be succinct and don’t go on too many rambling life stories when you’re answering questions! Also, when asking your date something, it’s polite to answer the question and relate your answer to his or hers, so it doesn’t feel like an interrogation.

Think about lifestyles and ask what kind of work they do, how they enjoy it, and how long they have been doing it. Do they enjoy traveling, or prefer staying at home? Are they religious?

All these questions will help you understand their personality and what sort of life they prefer to lead. Some people are the quiet, domestic type while others enjoy adventures and travel a lot. Similarities attract more than opposites, so if you two differ in these life areas, it can be a great indication that you two might not work well together, saving you frustration and heartache later.

Asking about their friends and family can also illuminate what sort of person they are. Consider why they have the type of friends they do, and if they are friendly or unfriendly answering question about their family, it often hints at how they treat those close to them.

One deeper question you could ask is what their dreams and goals in life are. You can spin many fascinating discussions out of this with some people, while discovering that others have no real life plan and are just content to live every day as it comes. It’s all valuable information that really gives you a clue to whether you could adapt to his or her expectations, and vice versa.

You can also discuss lighter things, like your favorite types of music, funny stories they would like to share, the things you have in common and where you differ in background or opinion. Jokes are a good way to get to know your date. A simple difference in what you find funny can be divisive if you don’t discover it until a relationship has already started. If one partner likes immature grade-school humor and the other likes geeky computer humor, they might not feel like they can amuse each other and even resent each other.

From jokes to philosophy, there is plenty to say on your first date as you get to know each other. If you find the right person, neither of you will ever run out of things to talk about!

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