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Our Current Gay Poll

You may be interested in sharing your true coming out, dating or other experiences with our readers.  Other polls for gay, bisexual and curious gay men are on a different page.

Current Poll

What is the most important social issue facing the U.S. lgbt community right now?


Current results are displayed after you vote.

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Our Previous Poll Results:

Please, only those who do not self-identify as heterosexual should respond to this poll (don’t respond if you are straight): Have you ever been physically victimized because of your sexual orientation or gender identity?


Have you been physically assaulted because of homophobia?
No, never 91%
Yes, once 9%
Yes, more than once 0%


Previously…initiated to coincide with the nationwide (U.S.) gay kiss-in.   We asked these questions.

Do you and your same sex partner engage in public displays of affection outside of primarily gay environments? 

Personal PDA Activity
Yes 18%
No 82%

What is the highest level of public gay intimacy with which you feel comfortable with your partner?  Check as many as you like.


Your Own Gay Public Displays of Affection
Hugging 61%
Hand holding 17%
Kissing 17%
Serious Making Out 6%

What is the highest level of intimacy with which you feel comfortable with straight couples expressing in public?  Check as many as you like.


Your Maximum Comfort Level With Straight PDA
Hugging 40%
Hand holding 20%
Kissing 33%
Serious making out 7%

Many straight people feel uncomfortable when two men or two women display public intimacy. Yet, often those people openly express their affection for their opposite sex partners.

Do you believe that open displays of affection among gays and lesbians will eventually make straight people more accepting or less accepting of gay couples? 

Will Straights Become De-Sensitized?
Yes 70%
No 30%





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