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Gay Dating Safety

A lot of times when we talk about being safe in the gay dating world, we speak of safe sex.  In this article, the author has a different take.

The overwhelming majority of dates are entirely non-threatening.  However, there are a few weirdos in the world.  Gay males face a couple types of dangers that straight males do not.  Our dates are with men who, as a general rule, are larger and stronger than females.  Extreme, violent homophobes exist who may pose as gay, bisexual or “curious” men.

Dating Security – Do not Be a Statistic!

When it comes to dating security, it does not matter whether youve never been on a date or are an experienced pro. Both women and males of all ages are vulnerable to danger when dating. Whilst that shouldnt stop you from enjoying your dates, you ought to be mindful of the standard security precautions to save your self lots of potential grief.

Make Your Very first Date Public

Even should you know the individual already, it is constantly a great concept to make certain your very first date occurs in public when others are around. A coffee shop, restaurant, or an additional public location are all great options, whilst either of the houses, a quiet location at night, or a remote park are all bad options. Most individuals know this by now, but it does bear repeating simply because of its importance. Even for your second or third date, until you really get to know the individual, it is a great concept to become careful.

Alert Others

When youre out with the other individual, make certain others see you and would remember you being there with your date. Also, prior to your date, make certain a friend or family member knows precisely who you’re heading out with and has contact info, in situation some thing occurs.

At the same time, pay attention to alerts from your self. If some thing is wrong, your gut instinct will tell you, and you ought to get out of there as soon as feasible. Be polite and make an excuse that you arent feeling well, for instance, and do not act scared or vulnerable when you do it, but pay attention to this feeling.

Understand Self-Defense

Both women and males ought to know the basics of self-defense, preferably without weapons (mace, tazers, knives, guns, anything that’s clearly a weapon). Weapons can constantly be taken away and utilized against you, but should you know where to aim (the eyes, throat, and groin), and what to injure with (your fingers and nails, elbows, and knees), you can adequately defend your self in most situations.

Taking a self-defense class is really a great concept. It will assist you understand what situations to avoid, what to become mindful of, and what to use in situation of an emergency. Keys and pens can turn into lethal weapons if required, for instance. You’ll also understand to bring along your cellphone and keep it fully charged, and stay mindful of the surroundings at all times.

Make Plans Ahead of Time

If you’ve a set time you’ve to leave and your date knows youre heading to meet a friend afterwards (even should you arent), you aren’t only safer but less likely to thoughtlessly accept an ill-advised ride house from them, for instance. Also, do not let the date continue until a late hour, since heading house alone or with a stranger is risky late at night.

Make certain you’ve a way of getting house your self or a friend who will pick you up, and constantly bring cash for a taxi, just in situation. Should you do happen to accept a ride house (which is generally not a great concept), have your date drop you off at the corner of the street or just down the street, so they will not know precisely where you live.

Dating does not need to be a frightening experience of trying to beat the statistics, but just use common sense and make certain you do not join them.

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