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Review of Food of Love

Food of Love is a cinematic interpretation of David Leavitt’s novella, The Page Turner.  The film’s pacing reminded me very much of that of the book, which is to say, “unhurried.”  However, that pace is a welcome relief from many gay themed films, which often try to do much in so little film time.

In a way, this is a mutation of a classic gay fantasy of a love affair between the student and his teacher, except it is set in the world of concert music rather than in academia.  The mentoring role in this case is in the form of a famous, successful classical pianist (Paul Rhys) who seduces an adoring piano student (Kevin Bishop) who happened upon an opportunity to be the page turner for the pianist at one of his concerts.

The theme mixes two directions comfortably.  In one, the student and the star pianist both use each other to further their own ends-musical success in the case of the student, sexual variety in the case of the professional musician.  The other theme is that of pursuing artistic fulfillment and assessing whether such fulfillment is possible with the available talent.

The director of Food of Love, Ventura Pons handles the challenges with grace and beauty.  This is a marvelous film worthy of Leavitt’s book, the cinematic medium and your well invested time as a viewer.


food of love dvd

Genre: Gay Drama

Director: Ventura Pons

Language: English

Availability:  DVD

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ****

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