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Gay Adoption Story

One gay couple’s struggle for adoption rights is told over four parts.

Our Adoption Story Part One “Conversations”


Gay Adoption Story Part 2 “Getting Qualified”

Here’s what these guys (the dads) said about Part 2:

If you havent seen Part one yet please watch first. www.youtube.com Over the time we have been making our videos we have recieved many questions about how and why we adopted. To date, we have not directly answered these. This was because we really wanted to tell the story as a whole..not in pieces, and because we want to do the topic justice. This will still have to be a multi part story…but at least it will have the benefit of context. Part two of our adoption series talks about the steps you must take to get qualified to adopt children in California. Everything from Background checks, Personal profiles, Financial Checks, Health Records, Home Studies. Pretty much all the hoops you must jump thru to get qualified to adopt children in the state Of California. Part 3: Meeting Our Kids: www.youtube.com Part 4: Your Questions: www.youtube.com One of the hardest parts of adoption is finding an agency that has worked with gay couples before. We have tried to help in that search on our website by adding a list of gay friendly adoption agencies. www.gay-family-values.com Read Bryans Blog on what we left out of the video: gayfamilyvalues.blogspot.com.


Adoption Story Part 3 “Meeting Our Kids”


Our Adoption Story Part 4 “Your Questions”


 Here, we present just a sampling of some of the comments to part 2:

(Remember the comments are posted in reverse order, so start your reading at the bottom… 🙂 )


  1. Wow the paper work goes there alright, it seems tough but not in a “now I don’t wanna do it kinda way”. You have to be 100% committed when going for this, for me it might be extra hard or even impossible to adopt compared to others… But I have to maintain hope even though my future is oh so dark.

  2. luciorubio has not studied the Bible.

  3. I belive in the word of god being infallible and the bible is the word of god but the bible wasn’t written by the word of god it was written by men, men who have biases even if knew of them or not.. but lets not get into debates now I just wanna say that if it helps… I think you guys are awsome and really are an insperation and if it counts for anything just know that your impacting my life and from the bottom of my heart thankk you really

  4. which I believe includes the pig and well if anybody has ever eaten bacon well their commiting abominations but hey that’s what it says in the bible..

  5. and isn’t it funny in the bible it says that eating and I quote from deuteronomy ch.14 verse 6-8 it is an abomination to eat anything w/ a split hoof divided in two…

  6. wow I don’t even know where to start I just wanna say im 16 and a catholic and gay and I do want a family when im older and I that you guys for paving the way for me and you guys seriously are an insperation however cliche that may sound and I just wana say the god I know and worship sent his only son to die for me and I think that’s a god of love not one that spews out words like the love these guys have for there children and each other to be an abomination

  7. So love is an abomination. Im glad I dont live in your head or your world

  8. Stop this abomination !

  9. @MaryWaterton (continued)
    However, the sexual repression required of priesthood becomes too much, and he gets it into his head that abusing these poor kids is ok, b/c he knows the church will do its best to cover up the situation in order to save face. Far less lives would be forever ruined and altered if, instead of spreading lies and hatred, you decided to preach love and acceptance.

  10. @MaryWaterton
    Just think. That priest, or priests like him, probably grew up in a strongly catholic home. He hits puberty, and starts to feel a natural attraction towards the same sex. In order to avoid being shunned and hated by his entire family and community, who like you spread hate and lies about homosexuals. he then becomes a priest, so he won’t even have to address the question of his sexuality.

  11. @ MaryWaterton
    a priest’s homosexuality does not inherently cause him to abuse kids. If anything its hateful prejudice from people like you that would cause him to divert into such criminal behavior.

  12. @ treetri88 … Correct. That’s what happens when sodomites are allowed into the church. Invariably the homosexual priest sodomizes young boys. You are making my case for me, thank you very much. :)

  13. Legalized chid abuse has already happened from countless priests, pastors, and powerful parents. You may want to look into the recent sexual scandal of the Church of Ireland.

  14. What are your reasons for thinking this?

  15. Fuck you, you ignorant cunt.

  16. Homosexual adoption is nothing but legalized child abuse.

  17. You guys are awesome!x

  18. LOL, “Dungeon with a sling”.We can totally relate. We just completed our homestudy and will send it to our agency soon. We are going the private route. You are right, it is a long tough and sometimes expensive process and now we are just hoping to be matched. We will definitely consider the foster path if this does not work. We are in Texas and hoping for a california birth. Great video guys. We are over the first big wall, now we are in wait and see mode. Our social worker is GLBT friendly too.

  19. I am so glad that you have made these videos. My partner and I are considering adoption. You guys are great. Thank you for sharing your journey. This is so helpful to those of us working through the adoption process.

  20. I love your family.. it’s full of positive energy.. your kids will turn out gr8 I think :)
    God bless you :)

  21. You guys see rosie odonnels gay cruise show / movie on cable? mostly all gay fams. there was a gay couple who adopted like 8 kids, an adorable adopted 10 y/o boy kept asking when they were gonna get married… they got married on the ship. 1 LIFE

  22. vanilla sex… bryans reaction… LOL

  23. You guys mentioned adopting kids with HIV & AIDS, that brought back memories of my buddy days… I thought i could be a buddy to a kid, but after meeting some, i just couldnt handle seeing them deal with it, I was too emotional. Many of us couldnt deal. So I have to give major props to anyone who can adopt kids with health problems. You better do some serious soul searching before considering one of these kids, you dont want to do more harm than good.

  24. Awesome video!!! You guys are a real blessing to the gay community!!! :-)

  25. yes, I completely agree.








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