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Gay and Bisexual Film Reviews and Trailers

The film reviews provided in this section of our web site are done by the staff film critic–me.  We only review films that are produced with the primary intension of artistic or social merit.  We do not review films that are primarily aimed at assisting sexual gratification (i.e., no porn reviews).

Most of our reviews also include trailers of the gay films.

We now have a sister site with real-life videos submitted to YouTube, updated on a frequent basis:  Check out Gay Videos And Stories (and please support our advertisers while there).

Our List of Reviewed Films:


It Doesn't Get This Hot on EHarmony! 300x250

About the Reviews

In reading these reviews, you may want to know something about me so that you can understand the perspective from which I watch movies.

I have formal, post-graduate education in film criticism and production.  Consequently, my ratings consider cinematic elements:  writing, editing and cinematography are probably the most important elements that I consider, although I also rely heavily on the quality of the performances.

Our Rating System

One Star ( * ):  Not worth anyone’s time!

Two Stars ( ** ):  Don’t bother watching this if you could be going to the dentist, instead.

Three Stars ( *** ):  Worth the time–not a masterpiece, but it’s probably better than whatever else you were going to be doing.

Four Stars ( **** ):  Definitely has artistic merit and/or a very important message.

Five Stars ( ***** ):  An exceptional work–you must see this one!

Give Us Your Feedback

If you would like to suggest that we review a particular film, available on DVD, please mention it in our forum.  We’ll try our best to review it for you.  You may also want to comment on the films that we have already reviewed.

































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