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Young Guy Comes Out

Neil Patrick Harris comes out of the closet


Jon Stewart Speaks on DODT Policy




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Out Gay Marine on Vandalized Billboard Speaks



Santa Claus Is Coming…Out! 

 Coming  Out As A Gay Teenager

Maine Gay/Lesbian Equality Proposition

OFFICIAL F**K You! Manchester Pride does Lily Allen

If this gay celebration doesn’t put a smile on your face, go back to bed!

Cody Derrick grew up in a conservative Mormon home in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. At the age of 21, shortly after returning from his mission, Cody came out that he was gay. This is Cody Derrick’s coming out story; a story of religion, fear, and family.

You will have to watch a commercial first.



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Coming Out to Dad E-card


With thanks to http://www.towleroad.com: (and Youtube of course) National Equality March Montage-gay, lesbian equal rights!!!!


Check out this great piece of video from Current. You’ll have to scroll down a little to see: That’s Gay: Commercials


Country Gay Boy Coming Out













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