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How A Gay Couple Can Become Parents

A gay couple may be in a long standing relationship and sometimes legally married but they face challenges once they decide they want to have children. The general public often has its varying opinions on whether gay couples should be allowed to have children or not, very often people hold very strong views on the matter.

There are many gay couples who wish to start families just as there are heterosexual couples with the same desire. The big difference is that a gay couple first has to confront other people’s thoughts on the matter and know they are strong enough to handle negative perceptions.

If a married heterosexual couple decides they want to start a family it is perceived as normal and no-one questions their desire to become parents. If there are any fertility issues, a heterosexual couple can expects to get help relatively easily.

Other people’s prejudices are not the only stumbling blocks a gay couple must get over if they want to start a family. Same sex couples automatically have infertility matters that they must overcome. Being of the same sex the choice to start a family has to go beyond the two of them because they must seek alternative treatment or outside help in order to have a child.

If the gay couple are two females in a lesbian relationship they may choose to start a family with the aid of a donor sperm. Since they are females there is a strong likelihood that at least one if not both of them are biologically able to conceive and bare a child naturally. With a donor insemination one of them can become pregnant and the problem is solved. They could also choose IVF treatment using donor sperm and their own or donor eggs.

Two males in a homosexual relationship will have more challenges to face if they want to have a child. They have two options which they may pursue. The first is surrogate motherhood. Either of the male partners can have his sperm artificially inseminated into a woman who voluntarily chooses to bare the child for them. A male gay couple can also think about adoption but as this usually requires approval by some external agencies they sometimes have to overcome barriers of prejudice before this is successful.










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