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Jake: Coming Out to My Best Friend

My friend Amanda and I have always had our spot. The place where we talk about family troubles, friend troubles, and the drama associated with high school. This spot happen to be a swing set in a local park. We would ride our bikes there and when we were older, drove. I always thought of this place as the one place I could be myself and talk freely. I had no limitations on what I could say or who I could talk about. One summer day I decided to put all my cards on the table.

After a very cool concert Amanda and I went to the park again to talk. We sat down at our usually spot. She spoke of her troubles with her father. As I listened I realized that I must tell her my secret. I love her so much and she must know this big part of me. So after she was finished I simply said, “Amanda, you’re my best friend and I love you so much, but I have to tell you… I’m gay”. We looked at each other and she said, “Ok, that does not change a thing”. I felt the biggest weight lifted from my shoulders. I honestly felt like I could fly. I gave her a hug and told her every story I had about my homosexuality. I told her the horrible way in which my parents found out, my feelings about society and how I am different. I knew from that point that we would be friends forever. She knew every aspect of me and I knew everything about her. Throughout high school we would always talk about our problems daily.

Still to this day attending college two thousand miles apart we still talk daily about our problems laughing, crying, and enjoying each others company.







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