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The Lavender Line, E-Book 

The Lavender Line, an e-book in .pdf format, contains twenty-six stimulating, original, erotic stories and has more than 200 pages.

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These highly charged stories are written for gay, bisexual and (bi-) curious men of all ages. Enjoy!


Click Here To Buy The Lavender Line and Receive Your Copy of This EROTIC Collection Immediately!

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Click Here To Buy The Lavender Line and Receive Your Copy of This EROTIC Collection Immediately!

The Lavender Line is a compilation of gay, erotic short stories by Greg Scott encompassing a variety of sub-genres. These stories, all of which have been published on the Nifty Archive, are connected by their characters. Each story in the collection reveals the next chapter in the titillating life of one of the characters in the previous story, answering the question, “What happened to him next?” Eventually the line curves back upon itself to form a circle.

Lavender Line eBook

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Would you like a free sample?  Here’s one of the stories in the collection.  Just click this link for your free sample story

—-> Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 2  Beware! This is explicit, frank and intended for mature readers.

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 Click Here To Buy The Lavender Line and Receive Your Copy of This EROTIC Collection Immediately!

 What will The Lavender Line Do For You?

The Lavender Line is great to

  • Assist the hopeless insomniac assist himself to a night of satisfied sleep.

  • Fill those moments alone in your office with just some time to kill between meetings.

  • Help you think of one more thing to do before you tackle your next difficult project.

  • Turn a passive activity such as reading into an activity that provides healthy cardio-vascular exercise.

  • Generate some ideas about what you would really like to do next weekend.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied in any way with The Lavender Line, simply ask us for a full refund any time within the first 30 days of purchase by forwarding your receipt.


Read what our Nifty Archive readers have said about our stories by clicking here.


About the Author:

The author is widely published in print in a number of fiction and non-fiction genres. He uses the pen name Greg Scott for his electronic, erotic publications to distinguish the unique nature of these works.


The reader for the PDF format is already loaded onto most computers.  If your computer does not have it, we provide a link for you to download the reader for free from Adobe on the product download page. It is also available at a small cost for mobile devices, including cell phones. Thus, you can read this collection in the privacy of your own home, your office or on the go without having to carry an extra book with you.


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Comments From Some Readers

Great story. How about continuing…



NICE story. Tender and yet hot at the same time.
Thank you!



Hi Greg,

I just finished reading “A Good Deed”, and really enjoyed it. I know it was a conclusive story, but it would be great to let the guys spend one more night at the hotel, and for Jason to get a little more curious. They could be snowed in at the hotel. But it was a great story either way.




Hello Greg,

How are you doing ? I would imagine getting flooded with emails since your story posted on Nifty ?

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I enjoyed your story. It was down to earth, truthful and of course well written. I know your requirements for being posted and can see where that all comes into play, but the story, itself is a great one. The way you wrote it too, was very nice and helped for an easy, smooth, and well written story.



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hey i just wanted to stop in and say that i just finished your story
and it was AWESOME i cant wait to read the rest of the story 🙂

S… L…


OH PLEASE continue with this story. You’ve written it well. The view point from the TOTAL hetero, best understanding buddy with feelings and compassion is a winner. I’ve met SO many “str8” guys in my years that said ‘no way’, to only end up parallel to me…. snoring afterwards!

Some authors write a real juicy ‘part 1’ cliff hanger and don’t follow up. I’ve read some old old achieved stories on Nifty that were wonderful only to be let down because the lazy ass writer didn’t f’n finish.
How can I have a dream about a potentially drippy relationship when there’s no written ending? I have enough trouble conjuring up my own wet dreams, much less trying to finish someone elses.

And thank you that you’re a good speller (or use a spell checker) and use the right tense. BOY, some of the stories on Nifty are rough and work my nerves. I can’t get in to the story because I’m always correcting grammar or some other sh*t.

[ ]

E. O.


To Greg:

This was a beautiful story. The sparse dialogue captures the mood perfectly, immersing us all into the emotions felt by the narrator during this uncontrollable situation. To think, so much could be said in the son’s last words to his father. Of this I’m sure, those words will stay with me for a very long time.

Thank you,



I really enjoyed your Escaping My Roommate story posted on Nifty! I really really enjoyed both installments actually. It is so rare to read stories about first time experiences that can actually be real. I’ve always wondered if the sauna situation really happens. I would love to read more by you! Thanks for sharing!



Overnight I also read A Good Deed and Breakup Breakdown. I just love your literary style, your papers are so enjoyable. If you can direct me to any others you have written, please do.



You are one hell of an erotic story-teller!!! I love your work.



I was just checking to see that my own story in the college section (Justin & Billy) had posted OK and decided to read yours that was right beside it. I’m so glad I did.

I find a lot of the writing on these sites is really second-rate or even worse. But you have such obvious talent I read both chapters back to back. Great reading and of course you kept me hard the whole time. I think a story that does both is what my kind of writing and reading is all about.

Anyway, thanks for writing and I look forward to lots more of your story. What other stories have you written that I should read?

— H.R.



Order For Immediate Access To This EROTIC Book By Clicking Here!!!


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List Of Stories Included In The Lavender Line:

Breakup Breakdown  A high school senior loses his girlfriend and seeks comfort from his brother.

A Good Deed  A high school spring break incident involving two best friends; one a closeted guy, the other straight.

I Never Expected That, Part 1 It starts out innocently enough. A day out with the friends, some pizza and a two star movie leads to an unusual set of circumstances.

I Never Expected That, Part 2 

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part 1  The exploration of changing complexities of the relationship between father and son.

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part 2

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part 3

Ichabod’s Fool  A college dorm room is the setting for a surprising mixture of an object of fascination and impulsive behavior.

I’m As Ugly As Sin  An unlikely encounter in a likely place between two unlikely men.

Juan’s Other Side Some subtle differences can only be noticed by a lover experienced with his partner.

Learning To Love My Lawn Again, Part 1 A suburban man stumbles onto a way to bring added beauty to his lawn and added pleasure to his life.

Learning To Love My Lawn Again, Part 2 

Escaping My Roommate, Part 1  Any excuse to get out of the dorm room can sometimes lead to adventure.

Escaping My Roommate, Part 2 

Escaping My Roommate, Part 3 

The Suggestive Name, Part 1  A mature high school lad finds a new interest in his life with a little intrigue thrown in.

The Suggestive Name, Part 2 

The Suggestive Name, Part 3 

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 1 Even a totally “out” high school boy must live in a world of secrecy…sometimes.

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 2

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 3

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 4

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 5

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 6

The Lavender Line, Part 1  The circle is completed…

The Lavender Line, Part 2 



Order For Immediate Access To This EROTIC Book By Clicking Here!!!

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Read what our Nifty Archive readers have said about our stories by clicking here.

Editor’s Note:  The Nifty Archive is a non-profit service to the GLBT community. They accept donations, which are necessary for their continued operation of the huge erotic stories archive. Please join me in donating to the Nifty Archive.


If you need the free Adobe .pdf reader, you may download it by following the link here or on the download page for the ebook.

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