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Review Of Ma Mere

Seductively disturbing and disturbingly seductive, Ma Mere is a film that pulls no punches.  It addresses Oedipal urges head on, and then sets about fulfilling those urges in the most nightmarish of ways.

Director Christophe Honore` uses a setting that is almost surrealistically sublime as a counterpoint to the agony within the main characters.  Both Isabelle Huppert and the lovely Louis Garrel capture the essence of their respective tortured film personas with understated elegance.

This film is certainly not for those who are not willing to intellectually examine what they would not entertain in real life.  There are very few merciful moments in the onslaught of raw emotions. 

For the rest of us, Ma Mere is a stimulating challenge, rare enough in cinema.  However, be aware that this film, which is rated NC17 in the U.S., is only suitable for select, emotionally mature adults.

Ma Mere dvd cover 


Genre: Psyco-Sexual Drama With Bisexuality and Homo-Eroticism

Director: Christophe Honore`

Language: English sub-titles

Availability: DVD

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ****

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