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Nifty Stories: The Lavender Line

We publish a number of stories that do not fit into the appropriate rating guidelines for 99Gay-Men.us on the wonderful Nifty archive, a site that has been serving the gay and bisexual communities for years.  While we wish to keep 99Gay-Men.us suitable for young people, Nifty mission is quite different, although equally important.

Among the stories that we publish on Nifty are stories that we conceptualize as self-sufficient but related to the stories that preceed and follow each.  We call that collection, The Lavender Line.

The Lavender Line is now available in e-book form.  Click here to learn more.

The Lavender Line is a compilation of gay, erotic short stories by Greg Scott encompassing a variety of sub-genres. These stories, all of which have been or will be published on the Nifty Archive, are connected by their characters. Each story in the collection reveals the next chapter in the titillating life of one of the characters in the previous story, answering the question, “What happened to him next?” Eventually the line curves back upon itself to form a circle.

Lavender Line eBook

We encounter people in our lives, including our sexual lives, who play an important role but only for a short time.  This series answers the question that we often have about such people:  What happened to “x” after our encounter?  Each takes a character that we met in the prior story and lets us peek into the next chapter of their sexual lives.

These stories are intended for adults, only. 

Editor’s Note:  The Nifty Archive is a non-profit service to the GLBT community.  They accept donations, which are necessary for their continued operation.  Please join me in donating to the Nifty Archive.

Breakup Breakdown  A high school senior loses his girlfriend and seeks comfort from his brother.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Incest section.

A Good Deed  A high school spring break incident involving two best friends; one a closeted guy, the other straight.  Published in Nifty’s Gay High School section.

I Never Expected That, Part 1  It starts out innocently enough.  A day out with the friends, some pizza and a two star movie leads to an unusual set of circumstances.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Adult Friends section.

I Never Expected That, Part 2 

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part 1  The exploration of changing complexities of the relationship between father and son.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Incest section.

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part  2


Mark Hit The Pause Button, Part 3

Ichabod’s Fool  A college dorm room is the setting for a surprising mixture of an object of fascination and impulsive behavior.  Published in Nifty’s Gay College section.

I’m As Ugly As Sin  An unlikely encounter in a likely place between two unlikely men.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Encounters section.

Juan’s Other Side Some subtle differences can only be noticed by a lover experienced with his partner.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Adult Friends section.

Learning To Love My Lawn Again, Part 1  A suburban man stumbles onto a way to bring added beauty to his lawn and added pleasure to his life.  Published in Nifty’s Gay Adult Youth section.

Learning To Love My Lawn Again, Part 2 

Escaping My Roommate, Part 1  Any excuse to get out of the dorm room can sometimes lead to adventure.  Published in Nifty’s Gay College section.

Escaping My Roommate, Part 2 

Escaping My Roommate, Part 3 

The Suggestive Name, Part 1  A mature high school lad finds a new interest in his life with a little intrigue thrown in.  To Be Published in Nifty’s Gay High School section.

The Suggestive Name, Part 2 

The Suggestive Name, Part 3 

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 1 Even a totally “out” high school boy must live in a world of secrecy…sometimes.  To Be Published in Nifty’s Gay High School section.

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 2

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 3

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 4

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 5

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Part 6

The Lavender Line, Part 1  The circle is completed…  To Be Published in Nifty’s Gay College section.

The Lavender Line, Part 2  The final chapter…

We sometimes receive comments as a result of our Nifty stories.  We publish those comments from our Nifty Readers.










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