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Our Stories Published on the Nifty Gay Erotic Story Archive

Among our criteria for publication by 99Gay-Men.US are that all reports are true and must be written in a way that is suitable for readers of all ages. We think it is important for young gay men and boys who may be questioning their sexual orientation have a place to come to read what others have to say and, if they like, to share their own stories or questions.

However, we believe that sex can be (and is) an integral part of all human life. We believe that sex between consenting adults can be a fulfilling experience, and, of course, we find particular interest when that occurs between gay, bisexual or bi curious men. Consequently, we write of true and fictional activities, and we publish those works elsewhere. We hope that you will enjoy these gay stories.The following gay erotic stories, authored by our staff, are published on the Nifty archive:

Editor’s Note:  The Nifty Archive is a non-profit service to the GLBT community. They accept donations, which are necessary for their continued operation. Please join me in donating to the Nifty Archive.

We now have a sister site with real-life videos submitted to YouTube, updated on a frequent basis:  Check out Gay Videos And Stories (and please support our advertisers while there).

These stories are intended for adults, only.

Tommy Grows Up…Very Well  A man hopes to be laying the foundation for a little casual pleasure to help two men add spice to the summer doldrums.

Tom And I Begin, Part 1  One high school boy sends a rather direct signal to another concerning his interest in a little extra-curricular fun.

Tom And I Begin, Part 2  A few days later…and in between.

Tom And I Begin, Part 3  The final chapter…sort of…

An Urgent Stop  Another true event, but I’ll eventually prove that I can, indeed, write fiction, too.

A Day Of Rest  Two former high school friends meet in an unlikely place at an unlikely time and take up where they left off four years before.

On The Way To Manhattan  Two high school best friends take a summer trip to NYC to celebrate the older one’s high school graduation. There’s a first time for everything…for somebody.

Poli Sci Satchel Guy  Two college guys meet in political science class. One helps the other achieve a highly unusual goal.

My NFL Tryout, Part 1 A chance encounter–or more–between a professor and an NFL bound football player.

My NFL Tryout, Part 2 The concluding chapter of the short series.

We’re Exactly Alike, Part 1  A chance meeting at a conference leads to a later rendezvous.

We’re Exactly Alike, Part 2  Things get a little unusual as our story builds to a feverish climax.

Jury Duty  A chance encounter reduces the boredom that sometimes comes with performing a civic duty.

To Home And Back Part 1   A sexually naive college freshman travels home for Thanksgiving.

To Home And Back Part 2 

My First Sleepover  The title says it all; well, maybe not quite “all.”

My Pledging Assignment  A college student, supervised by another, is given an unusual punishement for tardiness.

My Pledging Assignment Part 2 

My Pledging Assignment Part 3 

A Respite From The Dust  A soldier stationed in the Middle East finally finds a little much needed solitude.

Let’s Do It Again  A high school freshman football player begins to learn more than he thought that there was to learn.

Let’s Do It Again, Part 2  Reflections and reactions to the events in part one.

Let’s Do It Again, Part 3

Let’s Do It Again, Part 4

Let’s Do It Again, Part 5

Let’s Do It Again, Part 6

Let’s Do It Again, Part 7

Let’s Do It Again, Part 8

Let’s Do It Again, Part 9

Let’s Do It Again, Part 10

Let’s Do It Again, Part 11

Let’s Do It Again, Part 12

Let’s Do It Again, Part 13


An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 1  A college junior on the soccer team is asked to spend his junior year in the dorm rather than move to an apartment so that he can serve as mentor to a new freshman recruit.

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 2   

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 3

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 4

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 5

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 6

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 7

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 8

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 9

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 10

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 11

An Extra Year In The Dorm, Part 12


College Reunions Are Not So Bad, Part 1  Greg hadn’t really looked forwarded to attending his ten year college reunion, but…

College Reunions Are Not So Bad, Part 2

College Reunions Are Not So Bad, Part 3


The Girly Hole  A college experience reminds the student of a childhood memory.

Girls’ Night Out  Two young married guys find a way to entertain themselves while their wives are out on a night on the town.

Blackout Elevator  Some modes of transportation offer more amenities than others–if your timing is right. 

I Thought We Came For The Fishing  A story of a first love and its lingering effects into adulthood.

Taxi Ride  A widespread fantasy for those visiting a new city or those who just like a unique ride in their own city.


The stories below are part of what I originally thought of as my “degrees of separation series.” I now apply a different name to them: The Lavender Line. You can find that list on the page linked in this paragraph. Each story stands on its own, but is connected to the stories that follow.

These stories below are also available as an immediately downloadable e-book.

Breakup Breakdown  A high school senior loses his girlfriend and seeks comfort from his brother.

A Good Deed  A high school spring break incident involving two best friends; one a closeted guy, the other straight.

I Never Expected That, Parts 1 and 2  It starts out innocently enough. A day out with the friends, some pizza and a two star movie leads to an unusual set of circumstances.

Mark Hit The Pause Button, Parts 1-3  The exploration of changing complexities of the relationship between father and son.

Ichabod’s Fool  A college dorm room is the setting for a surprising mixture of an object of fascination and impulsive behavior.

I’m As Ugly As Sin  An unlikely encounter in a likely place between two unlikely men.

Juan’s Other Side  Some subtle differences can only be noticed by a lover experienced with his partner.

Learning to Love My Lawn Again, Parts 1 and 2  A suburban man stumbles onto a way to bring added beauty to his lawn and added pleasure to his life.

Escaping My Roommate, Parts 1-3  A college student finds pleasure awaits him as he tries to get away from the company of his annoying roommate.

The Suggestive Name, Parts 1-3  A mature high school lad finds a new interest in his life with a little intrigue thrown in.

Karl’s Deepest Secret, Parts 1-6  The complicated love life of a mature high school student.

The Lavender Line, Parts 1-2  The circle is completed in a satisfying manner.

The Lavender Line is now available in e-book form. Click here to learn more.

The Lavender Line is a compilation of gay, erotic short stories by Greg Scott encompassing a variety of sub-genres. These stories, all of which have been or will be published on the Nifty Archive, are connected by their characters. Each story in the collection reveals the next chapter in the titillating life of one of the characters in the previous story, answering the question, “What happened to him next?” Eventually the line curves back upon itself to form a circle.

Lavender Line eBook

We sometimes receive comments as a result of our Nifty stories. We publish those comments from our Nifty Readers.

If you are not familiar with the Nifty archive, you may want to visit periodically. However, you should only visit if you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and enjoy reading gay, bisexual or bi curious erotic stories. Nifty has literally thousands that the volunteers have been collecting for decades online–even before the Web, as such, began.

If you enjoy writing, you may consider making a contribution of a story of your own invention or reporting on a sexual experience of your own.

On the other hand, if your story can be written is a way that is suitable for readers of all ages, we hope you will submit your true story to us.












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