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First Gay Sex Age – Some Thoughts About Results Of Our Poll

Results as of November 23,2010

You can find the poll on this page.

I caution you to interpret these results based only upon our readership.  Most guys who come to this site self identify as gay, bisexual or bicurious (bi-curious).  Undoubtedly straight men who encountered the same question would respond differently, although many (some might suggest, most) have had a same-sex encounter during adolescence of later.

Nearly half of all respondents had their first sexual experience at age 14 or below.  This is not really surprising, since boys generally experiment with sex shortly after puberty. 

However, if I had given it more thought, I might have set up this question to make distinctions among the various age groups encompassed in the “14 or younger” age group.  Furthermore, I wish that I had included the concept of consensual sex as opposed to non-consensual. 

Nevertheless, a clear majority of respondents have had a sexual experience with another guy by the time they finished high school.  Apparently, the rampant homophobia does not interfere entirely with the demands of the libido. 

How old were you when you had your first sexual experience with a guy?
    Votes Ratio
50 or older 7 3%
35-49 10 4%
25-34 20 8%
18-24 51 20%
15-18 53 20%
14 or younger 118 46%
259 votes total

Relatively few guys have their first same-sex sexual awakening during the middle age crisis years or beyond.











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