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Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy

For a dialogue on the repeal of DADT and the White House reaction, click here.


This information is published from the Human Rights Campaign’s Website.  Please support their efforts! 

Find out how your senators voted on DADT – and call them!

The Senate’s vote to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was a landmark victory and an unforgettable moment in our history. Now we need to let our senators know we were paying attention to how they voted.

1. Find your senators below and see how they voted – then call the main Capitol number at 202-224-3121 and ask for one of your senators’ offices.

2. If they voted for repeal, thank them. If they voted against repeal, tell them you’re extremely disappointed!

3. Hang up, call the same number back, and speak with your other senator’s office.

Find your senators below, then call BOTH of them at 202-224-3121:

State Senator How They Voted
AK Begich (D) For Repeal
AK Murkowski (R) For Repeal
AL Sessions (R) Against Repeal
AL Shelby (R) Against Repeal
AR Lincoln (D) For Repeal
AR Pryor (D) For Repeal
AZ McCain (R) Against Repeal
AZ Kyl (R) Against Repeal
CA Boxer (D) For Repeal
CA Feinstein (D) For Repeal
CO Bennet (D) For Repeal
CO Udall (D) For Repeal
CT Dodd (D) For Repeal
CT Lieberman (I) For Repeal
DE Carper (D) For Repeal
DE Coons (D) For Repeal
FL LeMieux (R) Against Repeal
FL Nelson (D) For Repeal
GA Chambliss (R) Against Repeal
GA Isakson (R) Against Repeal
HI Akaka (D) For Repeal
HI Inouye (D) For Repeal
IA Grassley (R) Against Repeal
IA Harkin (D) For Repeal
ID Crapo (R) Against Repeal
ID Risch (R) Against Repeal
IL Durbin (D) For Repeal
IL Kirk (R) For Repeal
IN Bayh (D) For Repeal
IN Lugar (R) Against Repeal
KS Brownback (R) Against Repeal
KS Roberts (R) Against Repeal
KY Bunning (R) Did Not Vote
KY McConnell (R) Against Repeal
LA Landrieu (D) For Repeal
LA Vitter (R) Against Repeal
MA Brown (R) For Repeal
MA Kerry (D) For Repeal
MD Cardin (D) For Repeal
MD Mikulski (D) For Repeal
ME Collins (R) For Repeal
ME Snowe (R) For Repeal
MI Levin (D) For Repeal
MI Stabenow (D) For Repeal
MN Franken (D) For Repeal
MN Klobuchar (D) For Repeal
MO Bond (R) Against Repeal
MO McCaskill (D) For Repeal
MS Cochran (R) Against Repeal
MS Wicker (R) Against Repeal
MT Baucus (D) For Repeal
MT Tester (D) For Repeal
NC Burr (R) For Repeal
NC Hagan (D) For Repeal
ND Conrad (D) For Repeal
ND Dorgan (D) For Repeal
NE Johanns (R) Against Repeal
NE Nelson (D) For Repeal
NH Gregg (R) Did Not Vote
NH Shaheen (D) For Repeal
NJ Lautenberg (D) For Repeal
NJ Menendez (D) For Repeal
NM Bingaman (D) For Repeal
NM Udall (D) For Repeal
NV Ensign (R) For Repeal
NV Reid (D) For Repeal
NY Gillibrand (D) For Repeal
NY Schumer (D) For Repeal
OH Brown (D) For Repeal
OH Voinovich (R) For Repeal
OK Coburn (R) Against Repeal
OK Inhofe (R) Against Repeal
OR Merkley (D) For Repeal
OR Wyden (D) For Repeal
PA Casey (D) For Repeal
PA Specter (D) For Repeal
RI Reed (D) For Repeal
RI Whitehouse (D) For Repeal
SC DeMint (R) Against Repeal
SC Graham (R) Against Repeal
SD Johnson (D) For Repeal
SD Thune (R) Against Repeal
TN Alexander (R) Against Repeal
TN Corker (R) Against Repeal
TX Cornyn (R) Against Repeal
TX Hutchinson (R) Against Repeal
UT Bennett (R) Against Repeal
UT Hatch (R) Did Not Vote
VA Warner (D) For Repeal
VA Webb (D) For Repeal
VT Leahy (D) For Repeal
VT Sanders (I) For Repeal
WA Cantwell (D) For Repeal
WA Murray (D) For Repeal
WI Feingold (D) For Repeal
WI Kohl (D) For Repeal
WV Manchin (D) Did Not Vote
WV Rockefeller (D) For Repeal
WY Barrasso (R) Against Repeal
WY Enzi (R) Against Repeal

Call both of your senators at 202-224-3121.








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