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Gay Resources

  •  Gay Parenting
    Report by the American Psychological Association.

  • Gay Adoption
    Links to reports and news about gay adoption.

    Organization that works against defamation of gays and lesbians, especially in the major media.

  • Science, Education, Policy
    The author of this site is one of the leading researchers dealing with homophobia and heterosexism.

  • Lambda
    Lambda Legal Defense. Excellent resource regarding laws impacting gays.

  • Human Rights Campaign
    Primarily dealing with the political arena, HRC fights against legal discrimination and for inclusive policies.

  • Gay Youth: OutProud
    The coalition for GLBT youth offers lots of resources for gay identified and questioning young people.

    Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays is a tremendous organization for your friends and relatives. It provides them with informational materials and an opportunity to participate in pro-gay causes. Many communities have local chapters. (You may have seen them on Showtime’s “Queer As Folk.”)

  • Queer Resources Directory
    A superb directory of resources for all of us. Definitely bookmark it!

  • Wikipedia’s Definitions of Gay Culture
    You can add to the growing body of information by making your own contribution to this widely read “people’s encyclopedia.” This space is very widely read by young people in high school and college.

  • HIV Information
    Information and resources about HIV for gay men.

  • Domestic Violence
    Resouce pertaining to gay men and domestic violence.

  • Gay Youth and Suicide
    Information and resources pertaining to gay youth and suicide.


  • Nifty Archive–non-profit, gay, lesbian and bisexual erotic story archive, only for those of legal age in their jurisdiction.




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