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Review of Say Uncle

If you are an admirer of Peter Paige, as I am, I recommend two things: 

  • Don’t read any more of this review.
  • Don’t watch Say Uncle!

This story is about a gay man, played by Paige, who is obsessed (in a loving and thoroughly non-sexual, not-threatening way) with children.  Paige’s character, Paul, is unaware of the signals he sends the signals that he sends the concerned parents whose children he entertains with his childish (don’t read that as child-like) antics.  Paul behaves in ways that press reports of Michael Jackson would lead us to believe Jackson interacted with children, only without any suspicion of sensual transgressions.

On the surface, Paul’s interest in the well being of kids is admirable, however the ways in which he displays his affection ought to alarm parents.  Despite the message in the film, parents should be concerned when a strange man begins to hang around the public park only to play with their own kids.  It doesn’t matter whether the man is straight or gay, no parent should be accepting without question of the intentions of such a man. 

Paul’s sexual orientation barely comes into play in the fears of the parents.  It shouldn’t, since the majority of molesters are straight.  However, many molesters do exhibit some of the same traits exhibited by Paul.

As a parent, my heart and mind were with Kathy Najimy’s character, who played a “villainous” mother turned crusader.  As a gay man, I do not want my own concern for kids to be miscontrued as a desire to molest, but neither do I want it to be misconstrued as somehow wanting to relive my childhood through interactions with a three year old.  Neither is a healthy approach to life.  Neither reflects the way adults need to relate to children.  And neither represents an accurate or socially useful view of a gay man.

say uncle dvd

Genre: Gay themed drama

Director: Peter Paige (who also wrote the screenplay)

Language: English

Availability:  DVD

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