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Review of Skins – First Two Seasons (2007, 2008)

The British television series Skins is one of those rare dramatic narrative efforts that manages to capture adolescents on the cusp of adulthood with all of the angst, hope, hormones and tenderness that they embody. It is easily on a par with the remarkable American TV classic, My So Called Life.  However, Skins is more truly an ensemble effort.  All of the masterful performers portray characters who are complex and make a unique contribution to the social phenomenon of this group of friends.

Each episode of the series is produced with attention to production values found only in the best feature films.  That such work can be accomplished on a television budget belies the Hollywood belief that quality demands excessive expenditures.  It takes commitment, artistic vision and proud crafts people to make good art.  Skins has all of that.

I recommend all nineteen episodes of this remarkable series (future episodes use a new set of main characters).  Each will leave you moved, and when you have finished the nineteenth you may feel as if very dear friends have moved on with their lives and left you behind.  Be forewarned!  

skins dvd cover

Genre: TV dramatic series with recurring gay character and themes

Director: Various

Language: English

Availability: DVD and streaming

99Gay-Men.us Rating: *****

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