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Society and Sexual Orientation

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, bicurious straights and transgenders are all part of a much larger society.  Most members of that society are heterosexual.  This section of 99Gay-Men.us explores some of the issues at the intersection of society and sexual orientation.

We look at the various roles of gay people in the society at large, their problems, their contributions and their changing lives in tolerant and intolerant societies.

We take a look a homophobia as well as the less well known concept of heterosexism.  We also look at the moving lines of sexual orientation among some members of the society as they struggle to define themselves.

We always welcome comments and contributions of our readers, although, of course, we do not publish hate speech regardless of the identity of the target.

Unless otherwise noted, these essays are the work of gSport Enterprises LLC, which owns this web site. 










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