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A Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

Unfortunately for us gay men, most of the other men in the world are heterosexual.  We thought it would be fun to get the views of a straight man who was writing for our retail web sites to offer some insights into his views on some typical gay themes.

About the author (the straight guy):

At the time of this writing, he was 22 years old, quite attractive, getting ready to graduate from college.  He had a lovely girl friend.  His part time and summer job was as a server at a restaurant.  His boss at the restaurant is gay.  He has other gay friends, although the majority of his friends are straight.

How it worked:

We asked him a series of questions over time.  After each question, we sent him off to write a casual response.

We present the questions and answers by theme in assigning them to a web page.   Here are the questions:

What are the generational differences between straight men in their views of gays and lesbians?  Read more…

You have a close gay friend.  How did you know your friend was gay?  As a friend, how did it make you feel when he did come out?  Read more…

If a guy you knew was gay and asked you out, what would your reaction be?  Read more…

Your gay boss at the restaurant had a crush on you.  How did he let you know he had a crush on you?  How’d it make you feel when you found out he liked you?  In a conversation one time, you used the term “creepy” to describe some of his actions.  What did you mean by that?  Read more…

You’re a very open guy.  If you were not in a commited relationship with your girl friend,  why wouldn’t you experiment with gay sexual activity?  Read more…







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