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Review Of Three Dancing Slaves

While Three Dancing Slaves has some fascinating vignettes, I can’t identify a theme that ties them together.  We get a glimpse into the rather turbulent lives of a widowed father and, mostly, his three young adult sons.

The director establishes the unity of the brothers in a lovely scene in which the three are sleeping uncovered and nude, intertwined across the bed.  However their actions and dialogue provide no evidence of such a close bond.

The film’s English title comes, somewhat inexplicitly, from the hobby of the youngest brother, an appealing gay guy with an especially attractive boyfriend.  He and his friend enjoy perfecting a kind of dance that is said to have been performed by slaves.  The French title, Le Clan seems much more suitable.

Much like the lives of its characters, the film seems to lack a purpose or goal.  Neither do the characters or the movie seem to be in search of anything.  However, a pointless journey can sometimes have some interesting scenery along the way.  Perhaps that will be enough for you.


Trailer Below:

Three Dancing Slaves dvd cover

Genre: (Moments of…) Gay themed drama

Director: Gael Morel

Language: English Sub-Titles

Availability: DVD

99Gay-Men.us Rating: ***

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