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Vince’s Gay Date

by vince5884 (A Reader’s Experience)

While in the navy I was stationed in Jacksonville Fla. NAS Cecil Field.

I met this cute young guy. His name was Scott and had only a few relations (3) one nights stands with older men. I was his 4th, but I was soon to learn liked me a lot more.

He and I would meet and talk until one day we decided on meeting in a dark parking lot across from the store he worked at. At the apointed hour he opened the passenger door to my car and attacked me with vigor, he said he had been thinking of the date and was really horny.

He and I kissed and pawed each other in the warmth of the car. It was bitterly cold outside and we were fogging up the windows just like in the stories. We were with each other and we were really into it. Each of us would take our turn at making the other squirm in his own way, kissing or tweaking on each others nipples, it was heaven.

Our clothes were everywhere but on us, funny I don’t remember us saying anything; we knew what we wanted and just let allowed the other to lead or follow.

Scott found himself on top of my thighs and I held him close to me while I nipped his nipples, he liked that a lot and he would thrust his chest to my mouth and hold my head. My hands were on his firm bottom and just as I was about to make my move, when… blue lights behind us…

The one thing lovers always fear, cops and no time to dress. My life passed before me, and I was sure Scott had just told me his 18th birthday wasn’t for 3 weeks.

I’m sunk, not to mention my young lover too. His love life would be drug out in the open for all to see.

We scrambled for out clothes but the best we could do is pants at our ankles when we noticed motion to our left. Then voices, but not directed to us. Scott cracked the window open and then noticed for the first time another car a few spaces away.

The car was being stopped by the cops But we hadn’t seen anything since the windows were fogged up. We finished dressing and then slowy backed out and drove away.

We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes, we stopped at his car and we gave each other a good-bye kiss. Sad to say we never saw each other again.

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