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What Is Gay Dating?

Two enjoy gay dating at a beach. Gay dating isn’t that different from dating among straights. It can be a little awkward at first:  Does he want me to?   Will he call? Should I call him?

There was an old bit about gay dating that went somethings like this:  Have sex.  Go have a drink.  Introduce yourself.  Go home.  In fact, I know a lot of straight young couples who do the same thing.

For a lot of gay men, that’s changed.  During the time when nearly everyone was trying to keep their identities hidden, there seemed to be a sense of urgency.  That’s less the case, now, although sex first, meet later hasn’t disappeared from the scene.

Online gay dating sites are very popular.  They’ve taken over much of the role that was played by newspapers and magazines.  If you think about placing a personal ad in a newspaper week after week, the online gay dating option is easier and cheaper than the print alternative.

We have articles dealing with gay online dating and dating sites.

Some people say, “But if I meet someone online, how do I know he’s not lying about himself?”  You don’t!  But neither do you know whether that guy you met at the bar last night is really a neuro-surgeon moving to your city to take a position in the most prestigious hospital after spending the last five years volunteering in Africa with Doctors Without Borders.  In gay dating, as in all dating, you need to know someone well before you know they are telling you the truth.

Getting to know someone takes time.  An increasing number of people are finding that there are advantages to getting to know someone first online–maybe for a day or two, maybe longer. Online gay dating provides an opportunity to  meet men you might not have a chance to meet wherever you hang out.  It never hurts to cast your net a little wider.

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P.S.  Most people recommend that you don’t propose on your second date.



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