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  • For gay men, bisexual and bi curious (bicurious) men, this site provides gay travel, gay dating and personals, information, resources, articles, gay coming out and other topics, resources, and much more.
  • A look at gay dating and gay dates for gay, bisexual, bicurious (bi-curious) and other queer men.
  • A school boy infatuation culminizes into his first gay date, making it a memorable experience for DJ.
  • My first date was also my most felonious. It began innocently. I didn’t even know if he was gay or not.
  • Links to major dating and matchmaking sites for gay, bisexual and bicurious men.
  • My First Gay Dating Experience was during a business trip to Louisville…
  • Vince_Date.html
  • If you truly want to meet your match, then you need to give online dating a try. You may be surprised by what or who you might be able to find when wandering around the internet.
  • Keeping your wits about you will help you not only to enjoy your gay dating site membership to the max but will also go a long way to making sure that you are safe when meeting in public for the first time.
  • There are wide arrays of gay personals on the internet. These sites are aimed towards the gay community. It allows people that have a same gender preference to meet other people that share the same attributes that they have as well.
  • When you’ve gone out with somebody a few times and covered all the usual dates (coffee shop, restaurant, dinner and a movie, etc), you’ve reached that awkward middle stage of gay dating. Here are some unique things to do to keep the interest level high.
  • You are able to learn the basics of how you can kiss far better before you start to practice, nevertheless. Keeping these suggestions in mind will aid you next time you discover yourself playing a small tonsil hockey.
  • Try to ask and answer questions that are thoughtful and can provoke discussion. A simple “yes” or “no” will rarely lead to an interesting conversation, but on the other hand, make sure to be succinct and don’t go on too many rambling life stories when you’re answering questions!
  • Yes, a small bit of mystery attracts consideration, but should you seem aloof, unapproachable, or extremely popular, you’re most likely turning away possible dates before they even look twice. The same principle goes for both gay males and women here: the “make them chase you” advice is well-meant, but ill-fated!
  • Date_Safety.html
  • You are able to obviously discover a excellent partner in your own area. Go locations where your ideal partner may spend time. Whether you select to go to bars or society meetings, the crucial point is that you go out to locations and give your possible partner a opportunity to discover you!
  • This video from a relationship and dating counselor for clients including gay men offers some ideas about clues for answers to the title question: Does this guy like me in that way?
  • Gay relationships follow the same diversity of behavioral models that are found in the society at large.
  • Joining the list of top stressing agents for gay couples are differences in the relative degree of openness about sexual identity between the two partners.
  • Look_Into_Gay_Relationship.html
  • Two males in a homosexual relationship will have more challenges to face if they want to have a child. They have two options which they may pursue. The first is surrogate motherhood.; the other is adoption.
  • Here’s one writer’s take on the cycle of a gay relationship, compressed to about ninety seconds. Enjoy….
  • This video tells us about a gay couple who have lived most of their lives together. It may be especially interesting to any of you who wonder if fulfilling, long term gay relationships are possible.
  • Not every relationship is perfect no matter the sexual orientation of the partners. Here’s a video that cleverly explores the life span of (in this case) the relationship between two men–from start to finish.
  • People are people. No matter their sexual orientation, people are different because we were made that way. Do you know anyone with the same finger prints as another person? The answer is definitely no. So featured in this article are some guidelines to finding other gay friends in the real world.
  • We offer thoughtful, incisive discussions of social issues pertaining to gay, bisexual and bicurious men.
  • Latest News dealing with Gay Marriage, DADT and Homophobia. Please let us know if there are other important, continuing issues of news value that impact the LGBT community that you would like to see updated here.
  • Repeal_of_DADT.html
  • Gay_Veterans_Benefits.html
  • A proud mother of a gay son showed her support for her son and for equality by starting a blog and a website that offers gay friendly greeting cards. Here she writes about her desire for marriage equality.
  • While my focus, given the nature of the website, is upon gay marriage (or same-sex marriage, if you prefer), one must look at the issue in the context of all marriage, homosexual and heterosexual. My approach in this piece will be to examine some of the common misunderstandings propagated by the opponents of gay marriage.
  • This video takes a fun and completely different angle on the issue of legality of gay marriage. Playing on various stereotypes–of gays and of the notion of marriage–it uses humor to diffuse a divisive subject.
  • We live in a straight world. A straight guy offers some insight for gay men.
  • Are attitudes of young people different than their elders when it comes to homosexuality?
  • What happens when a gay man comes out to a straight friend? Here is one example.
  • What happens when a gay man asks a straight man on a date?
  • A straight man has a gay boss. What happens? Here’s one description.
  • Would a truly straight man ever experiment with gay sex? Here’s an answer by one man.
  • A great “open letter” to straight men that the gay author meets sometimes in straight bars get to the heart of some of the false stereotypes and misconceptions about gay men.
  • The term, homophobia, is often misused. It actually means an irrational fear of homosexuals or of homosexual acts. The term that is more aptly applied to what we mean when we often describe someone who is “homophobic” is heterosexism.
  • The vendors of hatred, mostly demagogic preachers and politicians, are making a lot of sales among their naive followers. Most of the buyers of their products are among the least educated and most impoverished members of society. Of course, those are just the sort of people who are most susceptible to all forms of scapegoating.
  • Internalized homophobia is a social problem that impacts all of us. It keeps othewise perfectly good men from developing fully. It keeps these men from becoming part of our community, because they are ashamed to be associated with some of us.
  • This video submitted by someone on Youtube is related to the article on internalized homophobia. It reinforces many of the ideas related to self-hatred, bias, stereotyping and prejudice.
  • In our society (and I do not believe this is limited to the U.S. or even just Western cultures), the group that has most recently made strides in achieving legal equality is often at the forefront of the reactionary urge of granting that equal status to others who follow.
  • This video is actually a clip from a radio interview with Representative Barney Frank (D-MA). Prior to this he called Justice A. Scalia a homophobe because of his lengthy written dissenting opinion attacking GLBT people and gay sex.
  • According to the “macho-man” who poses as Michelle Bachman’s husband, I am a barbarian. Lots of people called me a gentleman, a friend, a bit of a geek and many other things…but never a barbarian. It sure seems to me that my friends were more accurate than Bachman’s prissy husband, but maybe I am wrong. Still, Michelle and her husband believe they can set me on the “right” – or “righteous” path.
  • Discussion of the term bisexuality, especially as used by gay, bisexual and other queer men.
  • Readers who identify as bisexual share their thoughts and experiences about that label of sexual identity and what it means to them.
  • Discussion of definition of bi curious (bicurious), its implications, as term is used by gay, bisexual and bicurious men.
  • Readers who identify as bicurious share their thoughts about that label of sexual identity and what it means to them.
  • Juan, a college junior, describes himself as bisexual and as straight but is most comfortable with the term, bicurious.
  • Editor’s Note: This story was sent to one of our readers who used our share your story form: The thing is, I’m 62 years old and I still don’t “know” what I am. For the first 27 years of my life I thought of nothing but girls… Then it happened. One day when I was 27 I was working with a male co-worker.
  • Ideas about the on the down low phenomenon for bi curious (bicurious), bisexual, gay and other queer men.
  • Readers react to the concept of someone engaging in homosexual activity “on the down low.”
  • Gay men hold many stereotypes of straight men. Here are some of the common questions. They reveal some of the misperceptions and generalizations pertaining to heterosexual males.
  • The CBS series 60 Minutes took a look a couple years ago about the military policy. As of this writing, the policy is still in effect.
  • A group of polls for gay, bisexual and curious men about themselves and their experiences.
  • Current_Gay_Poll.html
  • Here is a discussion of a poll dealing with the self-identified sexual orientation of our website visitors.
  • This is not a scientific study. Anyone could choose to lie, try to be funny or whatever. What strikes me about this is how closely our results parallel those of actual studies of the population–studies that involved actual measurements rather than self-reports.
  • Poll_Results-Coming_Out_Age.html
  • Nearly half of all respondents had their first sexual experience at age 14 or below. A clear majority of respondents have had a sexual experience with another guy by the time they finished high school. Relatively few guys have their first same-sex sexual awakening during the middle age crisis years or beyond.
  • Tell us about your own coming out, relationship, sexual identification as gay, bisexual or bicuriuous–share in our community.
  • From_Our_Readers.html
  • Hmmmmm ,I am gay , have always been gay, and will always be gay,whew I feel so much better now,the truth can be so nice to hear. I didnt come out until forty or so frickn years,I was soooo terrified of being me?? Isn’t that queeer?
  • Free Registration for Forum (Message Board) for Gay, Bisexual and Bi Curious Men.
  • When it comes to being out and loud about your homosexuality there are a lot of hurdles that you need to overcome. Luckily for you, you have a very strong support system. If you are gay and looking for a couple of new friends to turn to, take a look around your gay community.
  • We offer reviews of gay films and DVDs as well as article dealing with the representation of gays and bisexuals in the media.
  • We provide an online gay or bisexual themed video, which we change frequently. Our videos are all rated G or PG.
  • This video provides a statement from a gay woman at the 2007 National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally College Student Career Conference. An interesting story for all gay men and women regardless of career or age…
  • Adam Lambert officially joins the lgbt community by finally announcing his sexual orientation–surprising nobody.
  • Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) speaks about the importance of acknowledging your gay sexual identity in the work environment or the participants OUT for Work’s 2007 National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally College Student Career Conference.
  • One lgbt, gay couple struggles to be granted the right to adopt children. They tell their story over the course of four videos.
  • Gay_Bashing_POV.html
  • These are the videos that have previously been featured on our site.
  • Three_Dudes_In_Speedos.html
  • Brazilian_Underwear_Day.html
  • GOP_and_i-Phone_Parody.html
  • I want to become a big fan of Glee. I believe that adolescent dramas with a touch of humor can be superb television. Take a special look, again, at My So Called Life as a prime example.
  • The British television series Skins is one of those rare dramatic narrative efforts that manages to capture adolescents on the cusp of adulthood with all of the angst, hope, hormones and tenderness that they embody. Each episode of the series is produced with attention to production values found only in the best feature films.
  • Yes_I’m_Gay_But.html
  • These selected photos will appear briefly on our site before we rotate them. They should be of special interest to gay, bisexual and curious men and straight women.
  • April_Pix_Picks.html
  • We’re back with more pictures of hot men. Among gay men (and str8 women) tastes vary, but we hope that there is somone among this month’s collection of men that strikes your fancy and reminds you once again of why you are glad to be a gay or bisexual man.
  • March_Pix_Picks.html
  • We offer reviews of gay and bisexual, non-pornographic films–documentary, drama, comedy, etc. Our readers may recommend films for future review subjects.
  • The struggle Nathan faces with his self-contradictory urges is the meat of the plot. He wants to be with Maggie, but he knows he would never want to give up men (plural).
  • The protagonist is a former small town cop who decides to spend a wild summer in “the big city,” although I am not sure that such a description of West Hollywood is particularly accurate. What we discover is a self-indulgent petty small town, a self-inflicted ghetto.
  • This German comedy revolves around a self-absorbed, self-important father and his gay son. Guess which one is in the fashion industry. Wrong, it’s the straight dad.
  • Lionel, a gay man in a long term relationship, discovers that one of his grandparents was originally Polish. For a reason that this film never explains, Lionel takes that bit of news as a clue to his dominant identity. He takes on a spiritual and physical journey to discover what it means to be Polish.
  • As with any anthology, the quality of these four character studies varies. Anyone familiar with the term “on the DL” or “on the down low” will already know, the subjects of these short films (TV episodes) are African-American men who lead bisexual lives with the homosexual part of their lives kept in the closet.
  • The Laramie Project was first created for the stage, but Moises Kaufman has done a superb job of adapting it to the cinematic medium. It is remarkable in both concept and execution. A team of interviewers descended upon Laramie, Wyoming following the Matthew Shephard murder to interview a couple hundred townspeople about their own reactions to the incident and its thunderous aftermath.
  • The plot, centering on an aging lesbian couple, is more complex than others in the Donald Strachey detective series, and the acting is up to the challenge…for the most part. The characters are engaging and the villains are thoroughly villainous, as they should be.
  • While Three Dancing Slaves has some fascinating vignettes, I can’t identify a theme that ties them together. We get a glimpse into the rather turbulent lives of a widowed father and, mostly, his three young adult sons.
  • Set in a gay neighborhood in Madrid during a period of gentrification, Chuecatown (Boystown) is centered upon two lovers. These are not the typical partners of gay movies, though. In looks they range from average to somewhere below that threshold. In wits they are well below.
  • This movie (Be Mine) is a waste of time to watch or to read about. Use your time more wisely by taking a walk with your dog or your special someone.
  • Ciao is a nice, little romantic piece that doesn’t wrap it all up at the end, leaving just a little room for viewer interpretation and speculation. This is not a film that will raise any big questions for further thought, but it is a movie that is life affirming for all LGBT people.
  • The films title takes on two meanings as these two characters, one of whom is a trans take a journey across the continent (i.e., transAmerica) as they learn about each others. The film combines the conventions of travel, long absent father, befuddled parents and longing for ones true identity and combines them with respect and cinematic care.
  • The film explores a burgeoning lust turned to love between Mateo and the tourist Jerome (Justin DeLeon), which is a bit problematic, given that Mateo is engaged to a beautiful young local woman. Following a rather predictable and familiar story arc whenever an out, proud gay man and a closeted, traditional man intertwine, there are no surprises in store for viewers.
  • The title comes from a part of the body that lead character, Marieta wants to lose–surgically. Her impressive penis is the bane of her existence and is the barrier between her and her goal to live fully as a woman.
  • Action is choreographed and coincides brilliantly with camera presence to reveal the tapestries of theme that parallel the plot. Often the film seems more like an illustrated story book that is being read aloud by some deranged uncle.
  • Directing icon Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Fox And His Friends is part gay drama, part con artist genre film and part predictable German angst. Released in 1975, this film doesn’t suffer from age, although it is far from the classic that I expected.
  • Like A Brother is much like a literary short story that focusses upon character development and lets plot fall by the wayside, except that the film has an interesting plot as far as we see it. But only when thinking of it as a short story–after the fact–did I begin to respect this small film (less than an hour in length).
  • The Opposite Of Sex moves from romance through melodrama to action-adventure to raise stimulating questions about the role of sex both inside and out of a loving relationship. The director manages to keep a reign on what might have become a runaway horse with an exquisite performance by Christina Ricci.
  • Velvet Goldmine looks at the rise and fall of glam rock through the eyes of a journalist using one self-destructive musician as the everyman pop-idol (forgive the oxymoron, please) representing a generation of gender bending rebels. The visual presentation captures the figurative and literal glitter with the angst that exists in the faces, music and life of the artists and their hangers-on.
  • If you are searching for cinematic art, Make The Yuletide Gay is not the movie for you. However, this film does not set out to be art. It sets modest goals and accomplishes them with a professionalism that is rare in such a “popcorn and candy” movie.
  • This often told tale of a young boy who seems more comfortable doing things usually associated with girls than other boys gets no new insights from this rather formulaic presentation. If you enjoy movies that allow you to predict every development from beginning to end in search of a not particularly unique message, Ready? OK! is for you.
  • Maturity reigns in this touching, perhaps heart-wrenching Italian film. At its core it examines the commitment of a fulfilling gay relationship and the pain that sometimes accompanies investing mature love into a coupling.
  • Addressing issues of sexual responsibility, truthfulness and labels, The 24th Day is an intelligent suspense film with the addition of the pleasing scenery provided by Scott Speedman and James Marsden. The film also gives us a fresh angle on HIV/AIDS, exploring the intersection of the rational and irrational fears associated with the diagnosis.
  • Gay filmmakers seem to have a fascination with street hustlers. This seems to be particularly true of European gay filmmakers. Unfortunately, Night Watch does not go very far beyond the formula. Set during the one night prior to “All Souls” day in Buenos Aires, it tips its hat to Latin American lore by introducing a touch of the super-natural, and it does accomplish that with a bit of cinematic subtlety, but that sets it apart only marginally from the rest.
  • Most anthologies of gay themed shorts are a mixed bag in terms of quality at best. Available Men is a cut above the rest in this regard. Although there is a range, most of these seven films have at least something of interest in them.
  • Here’s the deal: Most people will rate Hedwig and the Angry Inch much higher than I have, but I viewed this cult favorite after having seen John Cameron Mitchell’s later masterpiece, Shortbus. Perhaps I am simply too stingy to give five films by the same director five stars.
  • Dare.html
  • Any description of the plot of Zerophilia invites simplification of theme and risks divulging too much. I’ll tell you this much, because you will learn it from reading the cover copy, it deals with a protagonist who changes gender characteristics uncontrollably.
  • Part psychological thriller, part gay romance, part bisexual exploration, part incestuous shocker–One To Another is a thinking person’s film. It is the story of four late adolescents who have been inseperable since childhood. But this is far from the standard coming of age drama or teen-hijinx-movie.
  • Seductively disturbing and disturbingly seductive, Ma Mere is a film that pulls no punches. It addresses Oedipal urges head on, and then sets about fulfilling those urges in the most nightmarish of ways. Director Christophe Honore` uses a setting that is almost surrealistically sublime as a counterpoint to the agony within the main characters.
  • Bedrooms and Hallways combines the superb writing with solid (sometimes over the top, sometimes subdued) performances that I have come to expect from any movie to which BBC Films lends its name. Ultimately this film is less about the tribulations of lasting love than it is about the fluidity of sexual identity and passion.
  • Breakfast_With_Scott.html
  • If you’re looking for a film that won’t make you think too much, you may have stumbled onto a perfect fit with Slutty Summer. All the pieces are there for a relaxing evening–decent acting, direction and writing, although none of the artists are overly inspired or inspiring.
  • This truly powerful gay film stands apart from most others. Unlike many films seeking a gay and gay friendly audience, The Bubble takes on much more than the issue of coming out (or coming of age).
  • Set in 1820s eastern Europe, In the Arms of My Enemy is fundamentally a story of the bond between brothers as they struggle to survive in unforgiving times. The film follows two pairs of brothers whose difficult lives intersect. Neither the plot nor the characters are particularly complex, but the story is told with a deft hand that allows the themes to emerge without trite conventions.
  • Broken Sky requires an immense amount of patience. It is very different from most other films that we usually see. Eventually, though, those differences are what distinguishes this film. The film’s strength is the boldness of its narrative strategy. The weakness is the redundance within it.
  • Director Spencer Schilly and his cast turn a simple premise into an interesting examination of a polyamorous gay relationship and its impact upon views of self-worth in this sometimes light but often dark film. I did not come away from The Houseboy with any clearer picture of it as an alternative lifestyle, but I did gain insight into the impact of rejection and alternative reactions to that emotion.
  • Those who are familiar with the Gus Van Sant’s later and higher budget works may find Mala Noche to be rough and unpolished. However, the visual technique is purposeful, reflecting the influence of the cinema verite` movement in vogue in independent films of that era (1985).
  • Sara Rue and Kett Turton turn in two engaging performances in this retelling of a familiar tale with a Goth twist including a bow to Stevie Nicks. For many, the music will be a welcome bonus; for all, the visual and spiritual pleasures of these adeptly portrayed characters will be the lasting impression.
  • Shortbus deserves the widest possible audience, but that will be difficult to achieve. Examining the symbiotic relationships among sex, self-discovery, self-expression and connecting on a deep level with other human beings, this sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and always emotionally engaging film demonstrates the cinematic mastery of John Cameron Mitchell.
  • Tensions between the closet and being out arise in a Latino family and neighborhood along with romantic fireworks in this slickly produced, although rather unexceptional, film.
  • For the first half of this film, the movie appears to be just another presentation of an oft-repeated gay European cinema theme in which an innocent gay lad develops a crush on an undeserving cad who leads him down a path of debauchery. During the second half of the film, however, the characters take a decidedly interesting turn.
  • This movie is not worth viewing! It’s childish, predictable and condescending.
  • Little Ashes examines the relationships of three remarkable men, particularly the piercing connection between Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali. The artists inspired and tortured each other with their lust kept just below the surface.
  • Kiss The Bride asks some of the same “what if…” questions that many of us ask in our own lives. For example, “What if I honestly confronted and revisited that first love?” That’s a question that countless Hollywood romantic comedies have approached, including several from a gay point of view.
  • The thrust of the theme is the discovery of the proper way to be a gay man. Ironically, the teen seems to have much more self-confidence in his own budding queer identity than the nurse who insinuates himself into the boy’s life.
  • It’s hard to think or David Gleeson’s Cowboys and Angels as anything more than pleasant entertainment–not that there’s anything wrong with that. It requires a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief, although not because the plot–what little there is–is outlandish.
  • Mulligans is characterized by mediocre writing performed with all the believeability that such material deserves. The problem is that it takes itself seriously and seems to believe that it is delivering a profound message about second chances.
  • This film examines the hesitation of confirmed, dedicated heterosexuals to engage in homosexual activities. It manages to accomplish this without raising any meaningful thoughts.
  • The Man I Love, a lovely French film, examines the universal urge to pursue the unattainable and unavailable without regard to others who may be impacted. It looks deeply at the fluidity of desire and sexual identity.
  • Big Eden is a standout among American made, mature gay films. The lead character is portrayed exceptionally well by Ayre Gross, who is determined to lead a lonely and unsatisfying life despite having become a respected and successful painter in New York. However, it is really the small town of Big Eden, Vermont that is the star of this tender film.
  • While one of the two major characters in this film is gay, thematically it is more about the relationship between two brothers in an apparently dysfunctional family than it is about the title character being gay. Although a poignant resolution occurs, we are left mystified by what it is that has been resolved.
  • To have any appreciation for Lino Brocka’s Macho Dancer it helps to have some prior exposure to the rough aestheric of this genre of Phillipine cinema. However, as we get to know the characters and their difficult life in the Manilla sex trade industry, I stopped worrying about the lack of photographic professionalism and found myself drawn into their complex world.
  • Eating Out, Eating Out – Sloppy Seconds and Eating Out – All That You Can Eat make up the trilogy of fluff-filled, gay themed, romantic comedies. These films are pure fluff, although they are professionally done fluff. The acting and directing are above average for the American made adolescent romantic comedy. Alas, the all fall down in the areas of plot and theme.
  • Rock Haven could offer some small consolation to gay men struggling with self-hatred stimulated by the hurtful teachings of some organized religions. Otherwise, it offers absolutely nothing to the canon of gay cinema.
  • Were the World Mine is an interesting little film, but it is, unfortunately, a little film. Based upon a play within a play, it uses Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as the plot’s pivot point as well as borrowing its theme.
  • A gay cop falls in love with a hustler who is falsely suspected of murdering one of his clients. This film addresses that formulaic plot with the finesse of a jackhammer operated by a toddler.
  • Curtis Hanson directs this screen adaptation based upon Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon’s novel of the same name. He has the considerable support of superb actors, although his film was met by mixed reviews.
  • I include a review of this film on this gay, bisexual and bicurious site for two reasons that together I use as justification, even though it is not a gay film by any stretch. First, it is a superb film that has been widely overlooked by the general public. Second, and probably more importantly, it has Jared Leto among its stars.
  • Shameless.html
  • Boy culture takes an exceptionally novel approach to the “hustler genre” mixed with a turn of the female prostitute with a heart of gold films.
  • Based on Ken Hanes off-Broadway play, the gay themed film, Fixing Frank focusses upon just three characters. The conflict in Fixing Frank occurs on two levels.
  • The Mudge Boy has a rather simple plot description, but the superb acting and direction make it powerfully moving.
  • The director of the film, Edward II, takes some liberties with his interpretation of the Christopher Marlowe play. In Jarman’s version, the king’s homosexualtiy becomes the focus of the court’s intrigue, replacing the lack of attention to the needs of the realm that was the focus in the original play.
  • The History Boys is a cinematic interpretation of the critically acclaimed play. It’s definitely worth a look whether you have seen the play or not.
  • The gay-themed film, Defying Gravity, examines the difficulties faced in coming out on a college campus in the context of young romance and homophobia.
  • For American viewers, this lovely film from the Phillipines offers a glimpse of Phillipine culture in a coming of age, first crush film that is far better than a cursory plot synopsis would suggest.
  • Paul’s sexual orientation barely comes into play in the fears of the parents. It shouldn’t, since the majority of molesters are straight. However, many molesters do exhibit some of the same traits exhibited by Paul.
  • Hollywood,_Je_T’aime.html
  • Christopher Guest brought together his usual ensemble for this playful, loving jab at small town, middle America and the people who inhabit it. Take any favorable review of Best In Show, tone it down a notch or two, and that is my review of Waiting For Guffman.
  • Wild_Reeds.html
  • Meth is an extremely important documentary for any audience, although it concentrates upon the use of the drug in the gay community.
  • Two major points are made in this documentary. First, homosexual Muslims have a difficult time reconciling their sexuality with their deeply held faith. Second, in many Muslim countries, the government places extreme hardship upon practicing homosexuals. These points are made repeatedly in a way that offers no unique insights.
  • This brilliantly produced documentary is particularly relevant for our times, particularly in light of the contemporary struggle between the certainty of religious fundamentalism and political fanatacism on the one hand and the inherent doubt that is a structural part of scientific inquiry and discovery on the other.
  • In the late 1990s some remarkable teachers at Whitwell Middle School in a very rural area of Tennessee decided to identify a project to fight prejudice. They put a display in the old freight car consisting of six million paper clips representing the Jews and another five million representing the other victims (homosexuals, gypsies and others) who were exterminated. I found it remarkable that this school in rural Tennessee would think to memorialize gays among the victims.
  • One striking feature of the young men in this film compared to other hustler documentaries or dramatic narrative films is that very few of the rent boys seem to have had their self-esteem damaged by what many others seem to consider their degrading work. Even the self-described heterosexuals for the most part do not seem distressed by the way they put food on their tables.
  • We offer a variety of gay pride merchandise as well as gifts for or from the gay man, bisexual or lesbian.
  • We offer a collection of gay pride themed jewelry in low to moderate price ranges.
  • Belts, flags, playing cards and more sporting versions of the rainbow flag, gay pride colors.
  • Gourmet cheesecake delivered to any street address in the “lower 48” U.S. states.
  • Privacy_Statement.html
  • Contact information for 99Gay-Men.US.
  • An invitation for all gay, bisexual, bi curious and other queer men, including those “on the down low,” to share ideas and experiences with us.
  • sitemap-page-order.html
  • This is a list of very useful resources for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.
  • A list of gay erotic stories, authored by Greg Scott and published on the Nifty Archive.
  • Current_Nifty_Publications.html
  • A list of a series of inter-connected erotic short stories by Greg Scott, all of which have been published on the Nifty Archive. This collection is “The Lavender Line,” which is also available as an e-book.
  • The Lavender Line is a compilation of gay short stories by Greg Scott encompasing a variety of sub-genres. These stories, all of which have been or will be published on the Nifty Archive, are connected by their characters. Eventually the line curves back upon itself to form a circle.
  • Responses_To_Nifty_Stories.html



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